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DEFEA 23: EODH’s proposal for the modernization of Leopard 2A4 (ASPIS-NG)

DEFEA 23: EODH's proposal for the modernization of Leopard 2A4 (ASPIS-NG) - GEOPOLITIKI

During the defense exhibition DEFEA 2023, the Greek company EODH presented a Leopard 2A4 tank with the ASPIS-NG Modular Protection armor package. A complete protection package that includes both ERA and an active protection system.

EODH’s ASPIS-NG for Leopard 2A4

It is a next-generation hybrid protection package developed to increase tank survivability against modern threats such as new kinetic energy missiles and anti-tank guided missiles.

Photo: DEFEA 23

It consists of 3 types of armor: active, passive and explosive reactive armor (ERA). The latter has been placed on the upper frontal plate, on the sides as well as on the turret, significantly increasing the protection of the crew. A major advantage of ERA is that it can be replaced in the field, in a short time.


In addition, EODH has put a lot of emphasis on defense against loitering munitions and anti-tank missiles with a Top Attack function, such as the Turkish KARAOK. For this reason, the company proceeded to install a form of an APS on the turret as well.

These are tiles, which can be described like a form of “mines”, that work together with radar sensors and explode as soon as they detect an incoming threat.


According to the company’s president, Andreas Mitsis, ASPIS-NG has incorporated an innovative “spoofing” system, which was developed in collaboration with an Israeli company.
This system does not reveal the exact position of the tank but gives false coordinates, causing the enemy UAV to lose its orientation and attack in the wrong place.

All in all, ASPIS-NG is an innovative solution that would give high survivability rates to the Leopard 2A4, allowing them to operate for several more years in the modern battlefield.

More about the ASPIS MODULAR here

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