Elbit Systems Wins $100M Contract to Convert Civilian Aircrafts into Intelligence and EW Platforms

Elbit Systems, a defense equipment company based in Israel, has recently announced the successful bid of a new contract worth approximately $100 million.

This contract builds upon a previous agreement and entails the conversion of civilian aircraft into intelligence and electronic warfare (EW) platforms for a yet-to-be-disclosed country.

The project is anticipated to be completed within a three-year timeframe.

The scope of the contract encompasses the installation of advanced intelligence collection and EW capabilities on the aircraft. The Intelligence Mission Suite / EW capabilities will provide a comprehensive operational picture of the field through the use of SIGINT and Electro-Optics VISINT sensors and systems.

Additionally, the aircraft will be equipped with a state-of-the-art self-protection system and an immune satellite navigation system (iSNS). The iSNS system offers comprehensive protection against interference on multiple satellite channels.

Furthermore, electronic warfare systems will enable the aircraft to launch targeted electronic attacks against a wide range of threats, granting the aircraft SIGINT operator full control of the situation. The implementation of Electronic Countermeasures capabilities will allow the aircraft to mitigate against the aforementioned threats effectively.

According to the press release, Elbit Systems has developed a future-ready airborne ISR and EW solution that can cater to customers’ rapidly evolving operational requirements.

As a leading provider of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance (ISTAR) and EW capabilities, Elbit Systems aims to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to customer needs.

Oren Sabag, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW, said:
“This contract underscores our market-leading broad portfolio of ISTAR and EW capabilities and our ability to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to customer needs. This airborne ISR and EW solution is relevant to today’s defense needs and designed to be ‘future-ready’ and adaptable to our customers’ rapidly evolving operational requirements.”

In summary, Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract worth approximately $100 million to convert civilian aircrafts into intelligence and EW platforms for an undisclosed country.

This three-year project includes equipping the aircrafts with advanced intelligence collection and EW capabilities, Electronic Countermeasures, an immune satellite navigation system, and a self-protection solution. The solution is future-ready and can adapt to rapidly evolving operational requirements, underlining Elbit Systems’ market-leading portfolio of ISTAR and EW capabilities.

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