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Greek RAFALE jets flew over France


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Two Greek RAFALE F3R fighter jets participated in the Bastille Day celebrations, showing how much military cooperation between Greece and France has increased.

The Hellenic Air Force issued the following statement:

“Participation of 332 Squadron with two (2) Rafale F3R aircraft in the celebrations of the National Anniversary of France (Bastille Day)”

Greek RAFALE jets flew over France
SOURCE: HAF (HAFSpokesman – Twitter)

Greek RAFALEs flew in formation with French RAFALEs over Paris, causing awe to the assembled Greeks who recognized the Greek coat of arms with their cameras.

France’s National Day, also called July 14th and Bastille Day, is celebrated on July 14th every year. Greece participated in this particular military parade since invitations are sent to foreign countries friendly to France to commemorate this particular day together.

Greek RAFALE jets flew over France
SOURCE: HAF (HAFSpokesman – Twitter)

The Hellenic Air Force also published photos of the RAFALEs flight.

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