IDF Colonel Warns Hamas: ‘Your Fate is Sealed’ – Rafah Battle Preparations Underway

Israel – The 646th Reserve Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), through Colonel Elad Shushan, sent a clear message to Hamas: “your fate is sealed.” The brigade’s recent mission in Gaza resulted in the destruction of a strategic underground tunnel stretching from the north to the south of the area, marking a significant blow to the operational capabilities of the group. During its extensive campaign in the subterranean environment of Gaza, the Israeli Army discovered critical information, including videos from the early stages of the conflict showing the abduction of the Bibas family. Additionally, videos recorded Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar fleeing with his family through the tunnels, further demonstrating the extensive use of these passageways by the group’s leadership for operational purposes and escape.

IDF Colonel to Hamas: "Your Fate is Sealed" – Preparations for the battle of Rafah

Reflecting on the brigade’s achievements, Colonel Elad Shushan stated, “We have reached every hideout up and down the Gaza Strip, and today, the terrorists know there is no safe hiding place, and their fate is sealed.” The Gaza Strip is currently under almost full control of the Israeli Army, except for the city of Rafah, where serious concerns for a potential humanitarian disaster arise as it hosts displaced Palestinians from Gaza City and Khan Yunis. The invasion of Rafah is expected to take place by early March, according to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who stated that this plan will not change unless Hamas surrenders.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers and armored vehicles are currently stationed around Rafah, awaiting orders to confront what the IDF describes as the last Hamas brigades in the area. The outcome of this battle is anticipated to also determine the fate of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas after the attack on October 7th.

This statement and the preparation for the battle of Rafah highlight the escalating tension and the readiness of the IDF to engage in significant military operations to secure the region and counteract Hamas’s influence.

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