Israel-Gaza War: IAF Conducts Over 100 Deadly Airstrikes, IDF Intensifies Ground Operations in Rafah and Gaza against Hamas


Israel-Gaza War – The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has executed over 100 airstrikes using fighter jets, drones, and helicopters across the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours. These operations aim to disrupt Hamas’ regrouping efforts in areas like Rafah, Zeitoun, and Jabalia. Israeli tanks have also been seen moving in Rafah.

A significant strike targeted a new Hamas command center in central Gaza, reportedly attended by high-level Hamas officials. Additional targets included buildings rigged with explosives, military infrastructure, and armed groups near Israeli forces, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Israel-Gaza War: IAF Conducts Over 100 Airstrikes, Intensifies Ground Operations in Rafah and Gaza

In northern Gaza, the 98th Division escalated IDF operations in Jabalia, targeting numerous Hamas sites and inflicting heavy casualties among Hamas forces. In Zeitoun, the IDF’s 99th Division uncovered new tunnels, neutralized several rocket launchers, and destroyed a major Hamas weapons depot, leading to the elimination of multiple Hamas operatives.

Hamas has released another video showing modified RPGs and locally made YASIN anti-tank rockets targeting Israeli tanks, though no secondary explosions were observed.

The only visible explosion was from the Israeli tanks’ active protection system (APS) Trophy. A recent video also showed Hamas snipers targeting Israeli soldiers, with some footage dating back to the early days of the Gaza conflict.

Ground Operations in Rafah

Ground forces, including the 401st Armored Brigade and the Givati Infantry Brigade of the IDF’s 162nd Division, have intensified their movements in eastern Rafah, engaging in close-quarters combat with Hamas.

Humanitarian Impact and Displacement from Rafah

The ongoing conflict has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, with approximately 450,000 Palestinians fleeing Rafah over the past week, according to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees.

This mass displacement follows intense Israeli military operations in Rafah, Hamas’ last stronghold, and comes after Israeli forces ordered civilians to evacuate the city before advancing with large forces. The Israeli Army has been trying to minimize civilian casualties by dropping leaflets in eastern Rafah, detailing evacuation zones and safe routes to humanitarian areas. Meanwhile, reports indicate that Israeli Merkava tanks and NAMER armored vehicles are advancing further into the city’s eastern parts, preparing for a deeper incursion into central Rafah.

Residents in areas like Al-Jneina, Al-Salam, and Al-Brazil in eastern Rafah have reported the movements of Israeli Merkava tanks, with these reports also covered by Arab media.

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