Israel on the verge of invading Lebanon: “We will not wait much longer”

The escalation of conflict in the Middle East continues at a dangerous pace, with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launching severe airstrikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon today (Monday, 18/12/23). This action was a direct response to a series of attacks from Lebanon, including rocket launches and drone attacks on northern Israeli cities like Shlomi, Metzuba, Ya’ara, and Amuka, prompting a response from the Israeli air defense.

The Israeli Air Force targeted Hezbollah’s military infrastructure, including rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, and operational structures. These bombings aim to degrade Hezbollah’s capabilities, supported by Iran, and prepare for a potential invasion to enforce the 2006 agreement mandating Hezbollah forces to be behind the Litani River.

Israel on the verge of invading Lebanon: "We will not wait much longer"
Photo by Yoav Gallant

Amid these developments, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a stern warning to Hezbollah, stating, “If Hezbollah wants to escalate, we will escalate fivefold.” He reaffirmed Israel’s readiness to enter Lebanon and “push” Hezbollah to the Litani River, emphasizing that Israel does not desire war with Lebanon but “will not wait much longer for an agreement.”

The situation remains tense, with the Israeli Army maintaining a high alert level and the international community closely monitoring, with concurrent efforts to find a diplomatic solution.

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