NATO large-scale exercise with Finland and Sweden


On June 2, 2022, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) carried out a large-scale, multinational vigilance activity near the coast of Norway.

This activity involved the integration of high-end air, land, and maritime attack capabilities across a broad exercise area.

NATO large-scale exercise with Finland and Sweden - GEOPOLITIKI
Royal Air Force Typhoon getting tanked by French MRTT A330 while two French Mirage 2000 fly in formation. Photo Courtesy: French Air and Space Force

The multi-domain vigilance activity, led by Norway, aimed at integrating command and control of Joint forces in the north of SACEUR’s Area of Responsibility.

The NATO exercise involved approximately 50 aircraft, including fighter jets, tankers, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), and C-130 Hercules from Allied nations France, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom, as well as Partner nations Finland and Sweden.

Lieutenant General Pascal Delerce, Deputy Commander Allied Air Command stated:

“Vigilance activities like this strengthen NATO’s ability to concentrate multinational fires from all components and underline the Alliance’s ability to secure the entire Euro-Atlantic area”

Major General Rolf Folland, Air Chief Royal Norwegian Air Force stated that “The Royal Norwegian Air Force is for the first time, leading an advanced cooperative exercise with NATO and partner nations Sweden and Finland”

The drill is taking place at a time when Sweden and Finland have sought to become members of NATO in order to safeguard themselves from the recent aggression committed by Russia against Ukraine.

Geopolitiki with information from NATO

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