Provocative and anecdotal statements by Omer Celik: “Greece violates human rights”


The spokesman for the ruling Turkish party, Ömer Çelik gave a press conference in which he did not fail to attack Greece again, saying that it “violates human rights”

Specifically in his provocative statement he said:

“He took a wrong step again and closed 4 schools of the Turkish minority. Look, this is a systematic violation of human rights by Greece and contrary to any agreement, it violates human rights treaties. The European Union should intervene” said Omer Celik who rediscovered a Turkish minority where it does not exist.

Interestedly enough, the Turkish side keeps invoking the Lausanne treaty to supposedly bolster their arguments, but they seem to interpret it in a certain way.

The Treaty of Lausanne clarifies the issue of minorities and there is no Turkish.

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