Russian MoD: “The aggressive activity of NATO is a threat to our regional security”


The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it monitored US reconnaissance planes in the Black Sea region and escorted at least 4 NATO planes over the Black Sea, stressing that the “aggressive activity” of NATO represents a “threat” to Russian & regional security.

More specifically Russian MoD stated: “NATO air reconnaissance near the Russian Federation’s borders in the Black Sea continues to increase. In the past 24 hours, Russian Aerospace Forces anti-aircraft radars have detected and escorted six NATO reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace over the Black Sea.”

“The Russian Defence Ministry regards the aggressive US military activity in the Black Sea region as a threat to regional security and strategic stability.” the statement concluded.

Vladimir Putin said during a television interview on Rossiya 24 channel that “there is no need to escalate tensions in the Black Sea. and said would not do anything more than “escort (foreign) planes and ships.”


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