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US Approves Sale of Components for Turkey's F-16 Fighters, No Approval for F-16V Upgrade
US Approves Sale of Components for Turkey’s F-16 Fighters, No Approval for F-16V Upgrade
As reported by ANA-MPA and ERT's Lena Argyri, the US State Department has officially notified Congress of its approval for the sale of certain components related to the flight safety of Turkish F-16 fighters. is important to note that there is no approval for the Turkish F-16Vs that were blocked by Senator Bob…
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US State Department response to Cavusoglu: “The islands are Greek”
With a brief answer, the U.S. State Department ends Cavusoglu's dreams of discussing the sovereignty of the Greek islands that Turkey is challenging.Specifically, ERT journalist Lena Argyri, published on Twitter the response of the State Department on this issue:"Greece's sovereignty over these islands is indisputable, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries…
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ERDOGAN AGAINST THE U.S. – Accusing the United States of supplying weapons to PKK
The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador David Sutherfield on Monday after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Washington of supplying weapons to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK).According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, citing the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Ankara expressed its dissatisfaction with the US ambassador over a statement by the State Department condemning…
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Greek-American relations “at the highest point”- Phone call of the Greek MFA and the new American Secretary of State
Today, the Greek MFA Nikos Dendias had a telephone conversation with his new American counterpart, Anthony Blinken. The further strengthening of Greek-American relations was at the center of the telephone communication between the two diplomats."We found that the bilateral relations between Greece and the USA have reached their highest point. The prospects of their…