Tunnels of Hamas Flooded – Statement by Haggari ‘No One Will Be Safe in the Tunnels’ – Video

In a recent press conference, IDF spokesperson Daniel Haggari made significant revelations regarding the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) strategy in countering Hamas in the Gaza tunnels. Haggari indirectly acknowledged the use of water pumps in these tunnels, issuing a stern warning that no one, particularly terrorists, would be safe underground.

The spokesperson referred to a video released by the IDF earlier, showcasing the successful neutralization of Hamas members within the tunnels. Haggari explained, “In the tunnels of Hamas, our troops strategically placed explosives. We identified the terrorists through surveillance cameras and effectively neutralized several individuals in this operation.” He underscored the IDF’s possession of “new means” to confront the challenges posed by Hamas in the intricate tunnel network.

Tunnels of Hamas Flooded - Statement by Haggari 'No One Will Be Safe in the Tunnels' - Video
Photo by IDF

Responding to inquiries about the rumored flooding of tunnels by the IDF, Haggari clarified that Israeli forces are employing diverse methods to destroy the tunnels and compel Hamas fighters to surface. The spokesperson emphasized the multifaceted approach being utilized to tackle the underground threat posed by the terrorist organization.

Earlier, the IDF shared a video depicting Israeli forces eliminating Hamas members inside a tunnel. A statement accompanying the footage highlighted the collaboration between the IDF and Shin Bet in uncovering a tunnel and subsequently eliminating terrorists within. The Yahalom unit played a pivotal role in executing the operation, utilizing various means to ensure the safety and security of Israeli citizens.

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