Turkish Military Suffers Casualties in Ongoing Conflict with PKK in Northern Iraq


Six Turkish soldiers were killed in a battle with the PKK in Northern Iraq as part of Operation Claw-Lock. According to an announcement by the Turkish Ministry of Defense on Friday, PKK fighters in Northern Iraq attempted to invade a Turkish base, resulting in a battle that led to the deaths of the Turkish soldiers and the injury of another seven. One of the Turkish soldiers was initially taken to a hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that twelve PKK fighters were also killed and that operations are still ongoing. However, regarding Turkish casualties, Kurdish sources from HPG speak of at least fourteen dead and material casualties, including a radar system. Although it is difficult to independently confirm the number of dead and injured, it is not unlikely that the information provided by the Kurds is accurate, as this would not be the first time the Turkish armed forces have concealed their casualties.

Operation Claw-Lock began in April 2022 and targets Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq. This operation is a continuation of Operations Claw-Tiger and Claw-Eagle, which began in 2020, aiming to eliminate Kurdish fighters in the region. The Iraqi government has expressed its dissatisfaction with these operations several times, as Turkish forces have essentially invaded Iraq without any permission.

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