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Ukraine struck the Kerch Bridge, a huge blow for Russian reinforcements in Kherson


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A huge explosion hit the Kerch bridge that connects Russia with Crimea and is one of the main supply routes for the Russian troops in Kherson.

Ukrainian forces appear to have planted a vehicle with explosives on the bridge and detonated it as a train filled with fuel tanks passed by, on one of the bridge’s sections, multiplying the force of the explosion.

Based on the first public photos, part of the bridge has already collapsed and the damage seems to be quite significant. In a video that has been made public, both the road and the rail bridge have been destroyed, and a burning train can be seen in the background.

Although the Ukrainian side did not take responsibility for the attack, the adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mykhailo Podoliak, said in a post that this explosion is only the beginning.

Ukraine seems to be using its sabotage units in recent months with great efficiency, making full use of the information it constantly receives from Western countries. On the contrary, Russia seems quite exposed in the field of intelligence.

The incident is still ongoing and the Russian side is investigating the causes that led to the explosion.

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