Ukraine War: Russia to “reduce” its military activity


Delegations from Ukraine and Russia held peace talks in Constantinople, with the Russian side announcing its intention to “reduce its military activity.”

Ukraine War: Russia to "reduce" its military activity
PHOTO: © Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (MIL.RU)

Ukrainian officials have said a ceasefire is a priority.

Following Tuesday’s talks, the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said that his country had taken “a clearly stated position from Ukraine” and that “the prospect of peace is approaching” as the two sides continue to work on the ceasefire terms.

The Ukrainian negotiators have also made significant progress in their efforts to reach an agreement on mutual “security guarantees”.

One of the Ukrainian negotiators stated that the first “victory” was achieved by transferring the negotiations from Belarus to Turkey.

But the most important success of today’s negotiations came from Moscow, as the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that it would “limit military activities” in order to “create the necessary conditions for further negotiations.”

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