VLRA: Arquus’ Proposal to Replace Greek Armed Forces’ Steyr Trucks


As part of the DEFEA 2023 defense exhibition, France’s Arquus continued to promote its VLRA series of trucks to replace the obsolete trucks used by the Greek Army. In a recent announcement, Arquus says the VLRA is a durable, easy-to-maintain, military-proven 4×4 vehicle.

It is a versatile multi-purpose vehicle designed to transport troops, cargo and systems in the most demanding environments, including mountainous zones and deserts.

This next-generation chassis offers high off-road payload capacity and low-cost maintenance thanks to an electronics-free mechanism and transmission.

Built with simplicity in mind, the VLRA is easy to maintain and repair. It can thus operate autonomously without requiring support units, lengthy training or heavy maintenance equipment. This concept has convinced several armies around the world, as well as some European Special Forces, to acquire it.

VLRA: Arquus' Proposal to Replace Greek Armed Forces' Steyr Trucks

It is recalled that the Greek configuration of the VLRA was presented for the first time at DEFEA 2021, leaving a positive impression on the staff of the Greek Army. If Greece goes ahead with acquiring a few hundred VLRAs, the vehicles can be manufactured domestically.

VLRA’s technical characteristics and performance

According to company information, the VLRA is the evolution of the VLRA 1, which it lists at 12,000 units. It has a length of 5.7m, a height of 2.4m, a width of 2.2m and a crew of 3 people. Using a 175hp engine, it can reach a speed of 110 km per hour.

In addition, it has a range of 1,000 kilometers and can proceed on terrain with a 30% incline. Finally, the VLRA is also available in a 6×6 version and as a fire truck.

You may also visit the company’s page about the VLRA by clicking here.

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