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Zelensky asks for S-300s – Lawmakers’ reaction


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to the US Congress on Wednesday via video and asked for more help in defending the country against the Russian army.

Most US lawmakers have acknowledged that while other NATO allies have sent large amounts of military aid to Ukraine, the United States could do more to help. But, they insisted, of course, that it is impossible to create a no-fly zone.

Zelensky told Congress that instead of a no-fly zone, NATO could send air defence systems, such as Russian S-300s.

Zelensky asks for S-300s - Lawmakers' reaction
Photo by SIMON SHUSTER, manhhai (flickr), CC BY 2.0

Ukraine already has some S-300s and NATO members could provide also their own for the country’s air defence. Of the NATO member states, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece own the Russian system.

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul later told CNN that there are already S-300s in Ukraine but more are needed. However, it is not certain whether the US Congressman was referring to the Ukrainian S-300s or meant that additional systems had already been sent as aid.

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