Beijing owns a “Chinese version” of the US B-52 bombers


Beijing owns what it characterized as the “Chinese version” of the USAF long-range bombers “B-52”, which the US military relies on to bomb any hostile target around the world during the war.

The National Interest stated, in a report on Chinese bombers, that there are 3 countries in the world that maintain long-range heavy bombers, specifically the United States of America, Russia, and China.

The power of Chinese heavy bombers is relatively small compared to their counterparts in America and Russia, and the H6 bombers, in their various versions, are the main component of that Chinese force.

The publication states that the Chinese “H6” bombers are a copy of the “Tu-16” bomber, which was produced by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. “But the power of Chinese bombers does not have the same payload and long-range, as the heavy American or Russian bombers.”

With the development of China’s capabilities in the field of manufacturing heavy bombers, it was able to produce a new version of its bombers called “H6K”. The Chinese army has two regiments of new bombers, with a total of about 36 H6K aircraft.

The newspaper described the Chinese H6K aircraft as Beijing’s copy of the US B-52 heavy bomber and the Chinese version has an aircraft hull that can be equipped with the latest advanced aviation technologies, in addition to a greater fuel capacity than the previous versions. Although, the American B-52 bombers are still the longest-range and have the ability to transport a larger payload of weapons in wartime.

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