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US Embassy: Special Forces from Egypt and the US carry out exercises

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The US Embassy in Cairo announced that the Egyptian and US Special Operations Forces have conducted exercises for the first time of their kind.

The embassy said that the forces carried out free-jumping exercises using parachutes with low openings from high altitudes, through its official Facebook page. The embassy considered that the joint exercises and such types of exercises serve to increase the expertise within the region, and the forces learn from each other.

The Egyptian army announced that the joint training activities, “Bright Star” 2021, will start tomorrow, Thursday, with the participation of 21 countries.

The exercises will be held with the participation of 21 countries from 2 to 17 September.
Bright Star is one of the largest multinational exercises in the world. The “Bright Star” maneuvers are held in Egypt on a regular basis, and began after the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, and are implemented every two years.

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