BREAKING: Azerbaijan occupied Armenian territory without a shot

For the second day the situation in Lake Shev in and around Armenia’s Syunik province is explosive, Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said at today’s Security Council meeting, noting that Azerbaijan’s armed forces have invaded Armenia’s state border and attempted to seize Lake Sev.

“The Armenian Armed Forces have carried out various tactical re-actions. Azerbaijani troops in some nearby areas have left the positions as a result of the regular counter-operation of our armed forces.

So far there have been no recorded cases of weapons used by both the Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces.

However, more than 250 members of Azerbaijan’s armed forces are currently still within our state borders – in some areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik provinces,” Pashinyan said.

What the Azeri has done is a challenge that may have bigger military-political goals, he said.

“What I mean is that the Azeris have trespassed on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in this region probably not to resolve a territorial issue but to insist with military conflict,” he noted, adding that Azerbaijani soldiers are trying to explain their presence there with certainly fake maps with the help of which they are trying to argue that these are Azerbaijani territories.

Pashinyan stressed that Azerbaijan’s claims are unfounded and they know it themselves.

The Armenian Prime Minister stressed that the situation created corresponds fully to Article 2 of the CSTO Agreement, which provides for consultations, coordination of the positions of the CSTO Member States and actions to eliminate the threat.

Nichol Pasianan during the Security Council meeting instructed the foreign minister, defence minister and Security Council Secretary to open consultations with CSTO on the crossing of Armenia’s state border by Azerbaijani troops.

It is worth noting that this is an officially recognised part of the Armenian state and if this article is triggered the situation will automatically get out of control as the region goes into war with unforeseen developments for Azerbaijan and its allies, such as Turkey.

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