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BREAKING: Turkey sends more German Leopard tanks to occupied Cyprus


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Photographs posted on social media by a Turkish soldier reveal the transfer of about 8 Turkish (German made) LEOPARD 2A4 tanks to occupied Cyprus from the port of Mersin.

“Photos posted in social media are reportedly showing a night loading of Leopard-2A4 tanks at Turkish ship İSKENDERUN (A1600) in the port of Mersin for transport to the Occupied Territories. There are 8 tanks with the characteristic camouflage paint of the Turkish Occupation Forces. ” @isozygio reports on Twitter

We remind you that Turkey wanted to keep secret the first shipment of 42 LEO2A4 tanks to the Occupied Territories, but again a Turkish soldier posted a story on Instagram and revealed their presence, which was of course known to the Cypriot National Guard.

The force of the Turkish LEOPARD 2A4 in the Occupied Territories according to the information that exists from open sources at the moment reaches about 50 tanks with the recent mission described above.

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