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British F-35: Britain fears that Turkey & Russia may try to locate it


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According to British media, Britain is searching for the wreckage of a British F-35 aircraft of the Royal Navy that crashed in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean. There are fears that Turkey & Russia would try to acquire the wreckage.

Officials in the United Kingdom say the country’s defense ministry is working quickly to locate the plane. Ships from Spain, Germany, and Norway have also arrived to assist in the search.

The 100m worth British F-35 wreckage may be a crucial achievement since it would allow opponents to imitate its stealth technology or give them an advantage in downing it more easily.

The British are concerned that the British F-35 debris will not be located by Turkey, as the country has long been kicked out of the F-35 program, leaving it empty-handed and with limited financial resources to obtain another fighter jet.

Meanwhile, anxieties in the United Kingdom are heightened by the fact that Turkey has long attempted to develop its own superior fighter jet and, as a result, might gain from F-35 technology for its own defense industry.

Of course, the likelihood of locating the planes from Russia, a major NATO foe, is also a source of concern for the United Kingdom.


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