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China – Russia: “Our cooperation contributes to world peace”


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On Monday, China reaffirmed, at least verbally, its strong ties with Russia, saying their cooperation benefits the citizens of both countries and makes a significant contribution to consolidating international “peace.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described Russia as China’s “most important strategic partner” during a news conference, adding that their bilateral relations are “one of the most critical bilateral relations in the world.”

“Our cooperation not only serves the interests of both peoples but also contributes to the peace, stability and development of the world,” he explained.

China, in contrast to the United States, Europe and other countries, has not clearly denounced the attack on Ukraine and has refused to take measures such as economic sanctions.

China has expressed “regret” over the loss of civilians in Ukraine but also said that “legitimate security concerns” on all sides must be met.

In addition to strengthening its commitment to maintaining strong relations with Russia, China emphasizes the importance of global solidarity and constructive discussions on the situation in Ukraine.

Wang Yi said China would be willing to mediate in such negotiations.

“Uncertainty is growing on the international stage, which is becoming more complex and fluid over time. “At this crucial juncture, countries want unity, not separation, cooperation instead of confrontation.”

Beijing has already made efforts in this area, according to the Chinese Foreign Minister. During a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the second day of the invasion of Ukraine, the Chinese leader expressed “China’s desire to see Russia and Ukraine conduct the most profitable peace talks.”

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PHOTO: Wang Yi, Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China | Flickr

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