Chinese ballistic missiles fired near Taiwan


We had confirmation a few hours ago from the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan that the Chinese forces finally launched ballistic missiles in areas near the island.

Specifically, in a statement, the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan said:

โ€œThe Chinese military has fired multiple DF ballistic missiles into our Northeast and Southwest waters since 13:56. The Taiwan Armed Forces (ROC) are monitoring the situation through various means, while our defense systems have been activated. We condemn such an irrational action that has endangered regional peace” the statement concluded.

The launch of Ballistic Missiles from China towards areas near the island seems to number 11 according to authoritative sources as mentioned by the military analyst Tingting Liu.

Also, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said today:

โ€œOur Armed Forces are operating as usual and monitoring our environment in response to irrational activities by the People’s Republic of China, aimed at changing the status quo and destabilizing the security of the region. We do not seek escalation, but we do not back down when it comes to our security and sovereignty” the statement concluded.

China has marked areas adjacent to Taiwan for military exercises and appears to be trying to cover up its lack of response to Pelosi’s visit with vigorous military exercises in the region.

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