AH-64 APACHE equipped with Spike NLOS: A Deadly force multiplier

In our opinion at GEOPOLITIKI, the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, is one of the most successful attack helicopters because it can reliably transfer a nation’s firepower on the battlefield, which will be supplemented in this article by SPIKE NLOS.

AH-64 APACHE equipped with Spike NLOS: A Deadly force multiplier
PHOTO: Screenshot from US DOD Video (Future Vertical Lift Conducts a Demonstration of the Spike NLOS Missile System)

We do not intend to bore our readers with technical details about Apache helicopters, as this will be analyzed in a separate article.

What we want to emphasize is that the entry of the Israeli Spike NLOS missile is a deadly force multiplier for the AH-64 Apache.

Spike NLOS equipped AH-64 APACHE: A Deadly force multiplier
A Greek AH-64 Apache helicopter provides air support as part of a combined arms live fire exercise July 20, 2017 during exercise Saber Guardian 17. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tyler Meister)

One year ago, at the Eglin Air Force Base, the United States conducted a test firing of the missiles, during which an Apache attack helicopter hit a target located 32 kilometers distant. As we previously informed you, the US Air force personnel who participated in the test were absolutely thrilled about the performance of Spike NLOS.

The new generation of Spike NLOS…

Spike NLOS equipped AH-64 APACHE: A Deadly force multiplier
A full scale mock up of a Spike NLOS missile made by the Israeli company, Rafael Systems. By Rhk111 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The new generation of SPIKE NLOS, notably the sixth generation, has improved the range to 50 kilometers (up from 32 kilometers), and it is also compatible with the AH-64 Apache.

The difference is huge in comparison to the HELLFIRE missiles, which are currently being installed on the majority of AH-64 Apaches all around the world and have a range of approximately 8 kilometers.

The spike can be launched from the ground, vehicles, or helicopters.

The weapon can be fired in three modes: Fire and Forget, lock-on after launch, and Fire and Steer.

It is equipped with a Penetrating Blast Fragmentation (PBFwarhead and a tandemcharge HEAT warhead. Because of data transmission via fiber optic cable, it is possible to both direct the rocket to another target during flight and launch the rocket without visual contact with the target and assign it a target during flight.

The operator can also correct the missiles flight path if there are any deviations. The missile is also is equipped with a EO-IR/CCD seeker with semi-active laser (SAL) capability.

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