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“Choose a side!” Zelenskyy tells to Hungarian prime minister


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As the fierce military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia unfolds, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is urging Hungary to take a clear stand.

“I would like to be completely honest. “Put an end to this once and for all, you have to decide who you are with,” Zelenski told Orban during a speech to European Union leaders on Thursday.

In addition, Zelensky urged Orban to pursue strong sanctions against Russia, as other NATO and EU countries have done.

"Choose a side!" Zelenskyy tells to Hungarian prime minister
Victor Orban PHOTO: © European Union 2012 EP / Pietro Naj-Oleari

Hungary has criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but has not taken any additional measures against it, in fact, the Hungarian Foreign Minister referred to this issue saying:

“We understand that for the Ukrainian president, the Ukrainian people are the most important thing.” “But for us, the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people is the most important factor. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that Hungary stays out of this war.”

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