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Clashes during the funeral of a killed Palestinian child


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Severe Clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers during the funeral of a Palestinian child who was shot dead by the Israeli army, according to the Palestinian authorities.

And the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced, on Wednesday evening, the death of Al-Alami, noting that he was seriously wounded in the chest while he was with his father in a car that Israeli soldiers fired at, while the Israeli army stated that Israeli soldiers shot a car that refused to comply with orders to stop in the West Bank and investigates the circumstances of the incident.

On Thursday, mourners circulated the body, which was wrapped in the Palestinian Fatah flag, while a keffiyeh was placed on the boy’s head, through the streets of the town of Beit Ummar, northwest of Hebron.

Hundreds of youths threw stones at Israeli soldiers, who responded by throwing tear gas canisters, according to an AFP correspondent.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced a critical injury “by live bullets fired by the occupation in the head and abdomen,” while the Palestinian Red Crescent Society confirmed in a statement that its crews dealt with 12 injuries of live bullets, in addition to a number of injuries with gas and rubber bullets.

The Israeli army statement said that soldiers noticed yesterday that a number of men got out of a car and dug in the ground near the Beit Ummar checkpoint, and then left the place.

The statement added that shortly afterwards, the soldiers saw a car approaching the place, “they thought it was the same car as the previous one, and tried to stop it through the usual procedures, including shouting and firing warning shots in the air.”

“The car did not stop and a soldier fired at its tires,” the army said. “We are looking into the allegation that a minor Palestinian was killed by the shooting,” he added. “The commanders are currently investigating the accident, while the military police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident,” he added.

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