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Commander of the Egyptian Navy: We can deter anyone who might be tempted to threaten our national interests

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Khaled, Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces, said that Egypt is developing its military capabilities in all branches and specializations with the latest combat and technical systems, in a way that enables it to secure vital targets in the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

This came in an interview with the Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces for the Egyptian “Al-Ahram Gate”, today, Saturday, on the sidelines of the celebration of the Naval Forces Day, which falls on October 21 of each year.

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Khaled said: “Egypt possesses a sophisticated force that enables it to deter anyone who is tempted to threaten its national interests.”

The commander of the Egyptian naval forces said that the decision of the political leadership in Egypt to develop the Egyptian armed forces came in proportion to accurate estimates of the future tasks of the navy, within a comprehensive strategic vision aimed at preserving Egyptian national security.

He pointed out that this comes in light of the challenges related to maritime security in the Middle East and the multiple conflicts resulting from regional, international and regional changes and their impact on Egyptian and Arab national security.

The commander of the Egyptian Navy confirmed that Egypt sought to develop the capabilities of the navy by acquiring modern naval units with advanced combat and technical systems.

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