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DENDIAS: Erdogan dreams of re-establishing a new Caliphate against Arabs


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In an interview with the Arabic international newspaper “Asharq Al Aswat”, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias also took a position on Erdogan’s visit to the Occupied Territories of Cyprus and the Turkish president’s aspirations to re-establish the Caliphate in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece made it clear “There is a proposal to create two states on the part of the Turks, which is not a solution to the Cyprus problem”

“The solution to the Cyprus problem is the unification of the island. Everything else is not a solution. It is contrary to international law,” he added, stressing: “It is not just me, neither Greece nor Cyprus, it is international law and the United Nations Security Council that oppose any idea of a “two-state solution”.”

Nikos Dendias in his interview with the Arab newspaper revealed Erdogan’s plan to re-establish the Caliphate & the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the Arabs in the region

The Greek Foreign Minister pointed out that his counterparts from Arab countries have given him “solid evidence of how Turkey treats Arab nations but also of his dreams of some kind of neo-Ottoman ambition, as (Turkey) believes that this caliphate could be reborn.”

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