Diehl Defence Presents Smart Vulcano 155mm Artillery Projectiles at Greek HAGS


The Greek Defence Ministry recently hosted a presentation of the Vulcano 155mm artillery projectiles by Diehl Defence at the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS). This is not the first time that such a presentation has been made, as Leonardo presented the same ammunition at the Hellenic Air Force General Staff last year.

The recent meeting was reported to have taken place on April 11, 2023, and involved representatives of Diehl Defence presenting the capabilities of the Vulcano 155mm to the HAGS staff.

The Vulcano family of projectiles is the result of a joint development effort between Leonardo and Diehl. It is available in two versions, with 127mm for naval guns and 155mm for land guns, for which meetings were also held at the HAGS. The Vulcano 155mm is divided into two sub-versions, the unguided Ballistic Extended Range (BER) and the guided Guided Long Range (GLR).

The BER version offers a longer range than conventional ammunition, reaching 36 km from 39 caliber guns and 50 km from 52 caliber guns. On the other hand, the GLR version has an even longer range, 55 and 70 km respectively, and can receive guidance via GPS, laser or even an infrared sensor. This allows it to achieve a circular error margin (CEP) of about 3 meters.

Overall, the Vulcano 155mm ammunition represents a significant advancement in the field of artillery projectiles. Its extended range and guidance capabilities allow for greater accuracy and effectiveness on the battlefield, while its development through a joint effort between two leading defense contractors demonstrates the potential benefits of international cooperation in the field of military technology.

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