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Egyptian Army: ‘We are closely monitoring the situation in Sudan’


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The Egyptian Armed Forces have released a statement confirming that they are closely monitoring the situation in Sudan after reports emerged that Egyptian soldiers and Mig-29 fighter jets were captured by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the country.

The Egyptian soldiers and MiG-29 fighters were stationed in Sudan for a joint exercise and for training purposes. The RSF, has been involved in fierce clashes with the Sudanese army in today.

In response to the reports, the Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman issued a statement calling for the safety and security of the Egyptian forces in Sudan:

Egyptian Army: 'We are closely monitoring the situation in Sudan'

“The Egyptian armed forces are closely following the events taking place inside Sudanese territory, and within the framework of the presence of joint Egyptian forces that conduct training activities with their counterparts in Sudan. Coordination is underway with the authorities in Sudan to ensure the security of the Egyptian forces. We call upon the Sudanese armed forces to maintain the security and safety of the Egyptian forces in Sudan,” the statement read.

As the situation in Sudan continues to develop, it is crucial that all parties work towards a peaceful resolution and the safety of all forces involved the statement adds.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has “apologized” for capturing Egyptian soldiers and fighter jets in Sudan and express its willingness to cooperate with the Egyptian Armed Forces.

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