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European Union Against the UK for Breaching Brexit Deal


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The European Union has filed a lawsuit against the United Kingdom (UK) after the country refused to revoke legislation that would have violated the Brexit agreement that both sides agreed on last year and violated international law.

Since Boris Johnson’s administration revealed its plans to put legislation in place to override a specific portion of the Withdrawal Agreement known as the Northern Ireland Protocol, there has been a flurry of controversy surrounding the move.

At a press conference in Brussels, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stated that the EU has requested the United Kingdom to “remove the problematic aspects of their proposed internal market bill by the end of September.”

It is “by its very nature” a breach of the requirement of good faith set forth in the Withdrawal Agreement, she added, and “it will be incomplete contravention” of the Northern Ireland Protocol, she said in a statement.

The protocol was agreed upon in order to remove the need for border checks between the EU and the United Kingdom on the island of Ireland, which is the only land border shared by the two countries.

Both Ireland and Northern Ireland are concerned that border inspections will result in a hard border and the resumption of sectarian violence, which they had hoped was a thing of the past.

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