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“Finland is endangering its very existence,” said a Russian lawmaker

"Finland is endangering its very existence," said a Russian lawmaker

Russia’s threats against Finland and Sweden are growing as they get closer to joining NATO.

Following the Russian Foreign Minister’s threat to retaliate against Finland, it was Russian MP Aleksey Zhuravlyov who said that Finland was endangering its very existence if it decided to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

State Duma deputy and party leader Rodina told that Finland and Russia once had good relations after World War II, but now he said Helsinki “will do something to create additional problems for us”.

“When you create problems for someone, you have to understand that you will get them yourself,” he said, adding that Finns should be grateful to Russia, which is an independent state.

“If Finland wants to join this bloc, then it will be a perfectly legitimate goal for us to question the existence of this state. That makes sense. These countries are part of an alliance that wants to destroy Russia. “Therefore, in response, we also want to destroy them,” the Russian MP warned.

"Finland is endangering its very existence," said a Russian lawmaker
State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha / Public Domain

Earlier, Aleksey Zhuravlyov, speaking on the television program “60 Minutes”, said that it was a pity that Kyiv was not hit by rockets while the US Minister of Foreign Affairs was there Antony Blinken, and that Russia’s new missile, Sarmat, could hit the United Kingdom because it backs Ukraine.

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