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Greece develops New High Energy Laser Weapon

A laser weapon system on the USS Ponce, which has been deployed to the Persian Gulf. The Navy released a video showing the system taking target practice.

*Photo does not represent the Greek HELW

A new system is presented in the DEFEA 2021 exhibition by the Greek company Soukos Robots. This is the High Energy Laser Weapon, an energy weapon developed by the company, which promises to provide revolutionary capabilities. 

This technology allows the identification of enemy targets, including unmanned aerial systems, missiles, helicopters, small and large sea vessels, and would be a key system in effectively countering Turkey in air, sea, and land.

This system, similar to that of very few countries in the world, could also play an important role in deterring and countering UAVs and providing protection to critical infrastructure or even naval assets.

The Greek laser system has a low cost per shot, but at the same time, it is very precise and can hit multiple targets in less than 2 seconds, without having to refill. It only needs electrical power to activate the laser beam.


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