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NOW: Russian Navy tracks Greek Guided Missile boat


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The Russian Defense Ministry said the Black Sea fleet is closely monitoring the Greek navy ship HS DANIOLOS, which has entered the Black Sea since Saturday for participation in a NATO exercise.

“The BlackSea fleet has deployed forces and equipment to monitor the actions of the Greek guided-missile boat DANIOLOS, which entered the Black Sea on July 10, 2021,” the Russian statement said.

Greece participates in nato’s major exercise called “Sea Breeze 2021″ held in the Black Sea from 28 June to 10 July and according to NATO contributes to the “maintenance of Black Sea security” with the participation of at least 30 countries.

Although the exercises were completed on Saturday, some of the ships (including the Greek Guided Missile Ship) are taking part in Exercises led by Bulgaria and will remain in the area for some time, the US Navy said.

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