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GREEK F-35 – “We need them urgently” – Official request for 24 F35 By Greece


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“The decision to enter the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program will be based on a variety of factors

such as the fighter delivery schedule, the repayment plan, the aircraft configuration and a possible combination to acquire a total of 18-24 jets (new or used by the US Air Force, if available)

“is mentioned in the Letter of Expression of Interest of the Greek Ministry of National Defense dated November 6.

“Your immediate response will be appreciated,” the letter from the Ministry of National Defense, signed by Director General of Armaments and Investments Theodoros Lagios, reads.

“Due to internal fiscal arrangements and other applicable rules within the EU budget and deficit framework, it is crucial that the first F-35s be delivered in 2021.

From our side we will do everything possible for the implementation of this ambitious program “.

“We would like to respond to this request with the highest possible sense of urgency, as we have a window of opportunity for the possible supply of F-35s in the very near future,” the ministry said in the letter.

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