The Greek Prime Minister presented the new armaments of the country

In his address at the reception ceremony in Tanagra airbase, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about the significant reinforcement of the Hellenic Air Force with the purchase of the new Rafale fighter jets.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also referred to the Belharra frigates that the Hellenic Navy will acquire, as well as other new armaments of the country.

Greek Prime Minister photo The Greek Prime Minister described the new armaments of the country
Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Greek Prime Minister) Photo by European People’s Party

“This is a first-line geostrategic development because the new fighter jets (Rafale) make our air force one of the strongest in Europe and the Mediterranean, something that lends to the flexibility of our national diplomacy and the multifaceted alliances of the country.

And of course, it seals the defence alliance between Greece and France, giving a new breath to the prospect of European strategic autonomy.

In other words, the new Rafales that landed today are ready to take off for a better, more peaceful tomorrow for the whole region,” the Greek Prime Minister said.

114 Combat Wing The first six Greek Rafale fighter jets arrived in Tanagra airbase
Greek Rafale F3R fighter jets Screenshot from ERT NEWS

«I would remind you that in a short while these aircraft will be operating alongside new French frigates (Belharra) with which they share not only weapons and electronic systems but also a common operational philosophy.

The Greek Prime Minister described the new armaments of the country

In Kalamata, the next period inaugurates the new International Air Training Center. During the year, our Navy will welcome the first two of its seven brand new antisubmarine helicopters (MH-60R) as well as much-needed torpedoes for our submarines.

mh-60r  The Greek Prime Minister described the new armaments of the country
MH-60R Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

While the Land Forces will procure modern ammunition for the main battle tanks […] A national defense policy is part of a national policy because it was and is the belief of this government that Greece’s economic and social development must be framed by the shielding of its security and the uplifting of its national dignity.

There can be no real prosperity for citizens without stability and freedom in the country. Just as there is no true progressive modernization without being accompanied by responsible patriotism. So I believe in this creative duo and that’s why I will continue to work,” the Greek prime minister stated about the new capabilities of Greece’s military.

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