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Greece just bought French frigates for its Navy


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The Hellenic Navy’s competition has ended, with France being the winner with the “Belharra” frigates.

The equipment of the ships was not mentioned at the Greek and French governments’ common press conference and clarifications are expected about their equipment and price, and also about the possible signing for the “Gowind” corvettes, which are very likely to be the intermediate solution of the agreement.

The most important thing, however, is said to be France’s guarantee that in case of threat or military engagement, the French Armed Forces will assist Greece and vice versa.

The Greek prime minister said after the signing of the agreement:

“Today’s development is also an initiative that responds to the demands of the time on our continent. Because Greece and France are today taking a first bold step towards European strategic autonomy”.

“A Europe that has the means, the will, and the influence to guarantee peace and progress at a global level. A Europe that will finally align its geopolitical power with its economic power,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis added.

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