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Hellenic Navy warships monitor Turkish Cesme’s provocation


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No information is yet available on the exact location of the Turkish Cesme oceanographic vessel that is about to conduct survey operations in the central Aegean sea in a new provocation of Erdogan after the failed operation in Gara, Iraq

Hellenic Navy warships monitor Turkish Cesme's provocation
The Turkish navtex can be clearly seen that is ment to provoke armed conflict with Greece

According to unconfirmed Turkish information, the vessel has been in the Aegean since the morning, but so far there is no report on whether it has arrived in the area of ​​illegal NAVTEX and whether investigations have begun.

At the same time, another move by Turkey has caused concern. Another research ship, the Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa was sailing in the Aegean, between Greek islands of Kalolimnos and Kinaros.

Barbaros is sailing with folded cables and does not seem to intend to conduct investigations as it has declared Tuzla in Istanbul as its destination.

Nevertheless, the fact that the ship chose the route, that is, to pass through the Aegean and not through the Turkish coast, remains worrying.

Cesme, on the other hand, is not expected to transmit its position as it belongs to the Turkish Navy and not to the Turkish Petroleum Company like other research vessels.

Despite sailing with a closed transmitter, the Greek Navy monitors the ship, but without giving information about its location and the activity of the Turkish ship.

The fact that the Cesme is a warship makes Turkey’s move even more provocative and gives the Greek authorities the possibility to board the ship if it chooses to conduct survey operations.

First seen here: https://nemesishd.gr/news/barbaros-cesme-aigaio-toyrkiki-epideixi-s/

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