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Friday, May 20, 2022

The international coalition against ISIS describe Iran-backed forces as a “Threat”

The international coalition against ISIS has described attacks by Iranian-backed Shiite armed groups on positions where they have their headquarters in Iraq and Syria as “a threat” to their ability to carry out their main counter-terrorism objectives.

Several rockets were fired at coalition troops near Al-Khadra village, a Syrian Defense Forces camp in northeastern Syria where a small number of coalition instructors were also stationed, according to a statement released by the coalition this morning.

The international coalition against ISIS statement clarifies that coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reacted quickly “on the basis of credible intelligence” and that six artillery shells were fired at the attack’s starting point outside the Mayadeen area in Syria.

SDF Syria photo
Photo by Kurdishstruggle The international coalition against ISIS describe Iran-backed forces as a "Threat"

However, a number of rounds landed inside the coalition base and inflicted significant damage.

According to the statement, “Iran-backed hostile forces fired missiles at the international coalition against ISIS from within civilian infrastructure, with no regard for the protection of civilians.”

It was revealed hours before the strike that “coalition troops detected three indirect missile launch locations that were categorized as an imminent threat” This was confirmed by local sources.

A number of attacks were carried out by coalition soldiers in self-defense to counter perceived threats. “-

John Brennan, commander of the international coalition’s joint task force, also spoke about the incident and said: “these erroneous and indiscriminate indirect fire attacks pose a significant threat to innocent civilians.”

In addition, he stated that “the coalition reserves the right to defend itself and its allied forces against any threat,” and that “we will continue to do everything in our power to protect those forces.”

“These organizations are attempting to deflect our attention away from our coalition’s shared goal of advising, helping, and strengthening partner troops in order to achieve the permanent defeat of ISIS,” Brennan said.

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