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Provocative statements for Greece by Turkish Minister of Defense Akar


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The Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar made provocative statements against Greece.

“We have some problems with Greece in the Aegean, the Mediterranean and Cyprus. These problems become deeper due to the populist and uncompromising behaviour of some Greek politicians, which is not in line with international law and is out of reality.

Despite our well-intentioned calls for dialogue, Greece“It is trying to give the image of a victim country, distorting all kinds of data, disguised in lambskin to cover up its illegal and aggressive actions […],” Turkish Minister of Defense Akar said.

“The fact that Greece, which was founded in 1832 with an area of ​​47,517 square kilometres at the time, has almost tripled in size in 7 stages, is a clear indication of its expansion.

Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar Greece
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All these are actions that do not contribute to regional stability and security, on the contrary, they escalate tensions and are against the spirit of neighbourhood and alliance.

In addition, Greece, with the encouragement and challenge of some countries, has fallen in love with armaments, which is provocative. “Some Greek academics, diplomats and the military are openly saying that this approach is a futile endeavour.” said the Turkish Minister of Defense

The Turkish Minister of Defense continued his insults, saying that the Greek authorities were shooting at immigrants.

“Incredible things are happening. What is happening in the middle of the sea they are shooting immigrants, they are piercing the boats with spears. It is very difficult to understand what kind of culture this is… What kind of humanity is this? This is really murderous. […] Greece’s desire is to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles in favour of the international environment. Make no mistake. They should not make a mistake, saying “now is the time for the 12 miles”.

Others made this miscalculation, but we organized Operation Euphrates Shield. Let them not try us, let them not go on adventures. You went to 6 miles, sit where you are. “May both parties take advantage of the wealth that exists and live peacefully,” Akar said openly threatening Greece with invasion.

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