Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Expresses Israel’s Preparedness for a Possible Conflict with the Palestinian Authority

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently conveyed Israel’s stance on a possible conflict with the Palestinian Authority (PA), led by President Mahmoud Abbas. This statement was made amid the government’s deepening concerns about the PA’s possible collaboration with Hamas in Gaza.

During a closed-door session of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Netanyahu raised his questions about the Palestinian Authority’s real intentions towards Israel. He was quoted as saying, “We are discussing it. And we want to reach a situation where, if such an event occurs, then within a few minutes, there will be helicopters in the air to respond.”

In the same discussion, Netanyahu also outlined his broader perspective on the Middle East. He emphasized the common long-term goals of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority against Israel, while also recognizing their different strategies. Netanyahu suggested that Fatah, the political movement led by President Abbas and the dominant force in the Palestinian Authority, seeks the gradual elimination of Israel. In contrast, he claimed that Hamas wants the same outcome but seeks to achieve it immediately.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Expresses Israel's Preparedness for a Possible Conflict with the Palestinian Authority
Photo by Benjamin Netanyahu

The Israeli-Palestinian relationship is a dynamic one, with a long history of conflict and political power play. This dynamic also includes a history of security cooperation, especially in the West Bank, where the two sides have worked to counter armed groups that have launched attacks on Israeli targets. However, Israel has accused the Palestinian Authority of not taking sufficient measures to suppress or limit these groups. In some cases, Israel has even alleged that the PA indirectly supports these groups, a claim that Fatah has denied.

In the West Bank, Israeli forces have conducted frequent raids in Palestinian refugee camps, often resulting in Palestinian casualties. These operations have been a point of major conflict, with Arab media reporting numerous Palestinian deaths during these raids over the last year.

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