Japan launch the largest military exercises in the last 30 years


Japan launched large scale exercises, the largest in the last 30 years with Japanese ground forces beginning military drills involving the participation of dozens of allied countries.

The main goal of these exercises is to prepare Japanese Forces to face any potential enemy in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, especially in light of the escalating tension with China in the region.

More than about 100,000 personnel, 20,000 armoured vehicles and 120 fighter jets were participating in various exercises across the country focusing on operational readiness.

Japan launch the largest military exercises in the last 30 years
PHOTO By Rikujojieitai Boueisho (陸上自衛隊 / Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s spokesperson Col. Noriko Yokota stated:

“The GSDF exercise is really focused on improving operational effectiveness and deterrence and response capabilities,” adding, “They are preparing themselves so that they can respond when they have to take further action.”

General Yuichi Togashi, Commander-in-Chief of the 2nd Division of the Ground Self-Defense Force’s, commented, “The current security environment around Japan is very tense. We the Self-Defense Force are required to enhance operational effectiveness.”

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