HomeNEWSJoe Biden called Russian President Putin a "butcher."

Joe Biden called Russian President Putin a “butcher.”


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Joe Biden warned in a speech that the Russian President Vladimir Putin due to his invasion in Ukraine could not be allowed to remain in power and called him a “butcher”.

Concluding a three-day trip to Europe with a speech in Poland, Biden called on democracies around the world to unite against Russia and commit to waging a historic war against authoritarian aggression.

“In this battle, we must be clear-eyed. We have to strengthen ourselves for the long struggle we have ahead of us,” he said.

In his speech, Biden directly and repeatedly criticized Putin, accusing him of using brutal violence and misinformation to satisfy his desire for absolute power and control.

The US President accused his Russian counterpart of attacking Ukraine using neo-Nazism as a pretext, calling it a “obscene” lie.

The President of the USA also stressed that is Putin to be blamed for foreign sanctions on the Russian economy, saying the Russian ruble became “rubble”.

Speaking to reporters, he also said that Vladimir Putin “is a butcher.”

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