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KURDS IN SYRIA: “We will release 15,000 ISIS prisoners if Turkey attacks”


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Officials have warned that if Turkey follows through on a promise to assault Kurds in Syria and their communities in Syria, more than 15,000 ISIS supporters will be let free.

Kurdish commanders have stated that their overstretched army will be unable to withstand a Turkish assault while also guarding the captives. Political analyst Aldar Xelil stated, “Either we fight the Turks or we guard the detainees.

“We will not be able to do both simultaneously.” Kurds have pleaded with Western governments to reduce pressure on them by accepting the return of jihadis who left to join ISIS and are now imprisoned.

Western nations have refused. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (Kurdish PPU) are believed to be holding over 15,000 foreigners who have ties to ISIS. Experts have cautioned that if Turkey launches an attack, Nato is unlikely to intervene to protect its members.

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