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KURDS IN SYRIA: “We will release 15,000 ISIS prisoners if Turkey attacks”

kurds in syria we will release  isis prisoners if turkey attacks

MORE than 15,000 ISIS fanatics will be SET FREE if Turkey follows through on a threat to attack Kurds in Syria, officials have warned.

Kurdish leaders said their overstretched army can’t repel a Turkish invasion and guard the prisoners the same time.

Politician Aldar Xelil said: “Either we will fight the Turks or guard the prisoners.

“We cannot do both together.“

Kurds have begged Western nations to ease pressure on them by accepting the return of jihadis who fled to join ISIS and are now in jail.

An estimated 15,000 foreigners with links to ISIS are being held by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

Experts warned Nato was unlikely to step in to help if Turkey did launch an attack.