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Turkey attacks Kurdish regions in Syria

Turkey attacks Kurdish regions in Syria

Turkey attacks Kurdish regions in Syria as forces from Turkey cross the Syrian border today, commencing an operation in Kurdish-majority portions of the country’s northern border region.

The airborne bombardment had taken place just an hour before this report was written. In Tal Abyad, Serê Kanye, Qamishlo, and Ain Issa, Turkish fighter jets have carried out a massive bombardment on military positions and civilian settlements.

According to initial accounts, civilians have been killed or injured in the conflict. People in Kobane, Tal Abyad, Sarekaniye, Qamislo, Derik, and Darbasiyê, as well as other border towns along the Syrian-Turkish border, are fearful, and a wave of displacement has begun.

Turkish fighter jets strike in-depth 50 kilometres in Ain Issa, within Syrian territory, with a total of 25 planes flying all over the border cities and shelling.