Macron: “Turkish statements must be condemned”


The French President Emanuel Macron defended Greece against Turkey, speaking to reporters after the European Union summit.

The President of France condemned the provocative statements of Turkey that question the sovereignty of the Aegean islands and expressed the support of all Europeans for Greece.

Macron: "Turkish statements must be condemned"
Photo by paquierjacques

“One last word here, to say that during the work of the Council the Greek Prime Minister expressed very strongly the reasonable concern of Greece and condemned the statements of many Turkish officials, who question the sovereignty of Greece on many of its islands.

Macron: "Turkish statements must be condemned"
Greek Islands Photo by Harshil.Shah

I obviously want to express here the support of all Europeans, and especially of France. “No one can jeopardize the sovereignty of some member states today, and I believe that Turkish statements must be condemned as soon as possible, something I have just done,” Macron said.

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