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Mali urges France to withdraw troops “immediately”


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Mali urges France to withdraw troops “immediately” as the military junta announced its response to French President Macron statements.

Mali urges France to withdraw troops "immediately"
A Malian airfield force protection vehicle and crew at Bamako Airfield, Mali, Africa. © Crown Copyright 2013 Photographer: SAC Dek Traylor

The junta issued a statement strongly opposing Macron, who said that the full withdrawal would take several months to complete.

“The results of France’s nine-year military presence in the conflict-torn Mali were insufficient,” a Mali government official said in a statement broadcast on state television of this country of Sahel.

Following the deterioration of relations with the country’s military junta, French President Emanuel Macron stated on Thursday that his country would withdraw its troops from Mali.

It is recalled that Macron accused the Mali military junta of largely ignoring the fight against Islamist extremists and said that “it makes sense for France to leave because its mission on the battlefield is not to replace a sovereign state.”

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