Russian Ministry of Defense: “Russian Su-34 struck Ukraine with Kh-29”

According to news announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian Su-34s fired Kh-29 surface-to-air missiles at Ukrainian targets and published videos from the bombing operation.

According to the statement: “The crews of the operational and tactical air force of the Russian Aerospace Forces continue to carry out combat missions to locate and destroy enemy air and ground targets using a wide range of missiles and bombs during missions.

Ρωσικό ΥΠΑΜ: «Ρωσικά Su-34 έπληξαν την Ουκρανία με Kh-29»
Photo by, CC BY 4.0

The Russian Armed Forces continue to use high-precision missiles against military infrastructure and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the special military operation.

Regular aircraft fly from military airfields to carry out their assigned tasks. Fighter jets and bombers began the mission to destroy Ukrainian military installations using high-precision missiles and guided munitions.

Su-34 bomber crews use Kh-29 missiles in combat missions. They are designed to destroy enemy fortified targets.

Σφοδρά Πλήγματα στους Ουκρανούς αναφέρουν οι Ρώσοι
Photo by By Anna Zvereva, CC BY-SA 2.0

Battle missions are carried out during the day and night in all weather conditions. The aircraft are fully prepared before departure. Ground engineers monitor the operation of all aircraft systems, refuel aircraft and arm them.

Su-34 fighters are designed to carry out precision attacks and bombardments against enemy ground targets, as well as to engage enemy air targets,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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