Netanyahu’s Office Reveals Iranian Threat in the Occupied Part of Cyprus

In a significant revelation concerning the Occupied Territories of Cyprus, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disclosed details about thwarting an attack aimed at Israelis and Jews on the island. This development highlights the collaborative efforts of Mossad and Cypriot authorities in preventing a potentially devastating incident.

The statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s office emphasized the preventive measures taken to avert the attack. The focus was primarily on the strategic use of the pseudo-state controlled by Turkey, which Israel accuses of serving as a base for terrorist activities supported by Iran.

“Thanks to the counter-terrorism action and the arrest of the core group by Cypriot security services, significant information was obtained,” the statement noted. “This led to the identification of the attackers, their modus operandi, their targets, and the Iranian plan to murder innocents in Cyprus and elsewhere.”

Netanyahu's Office Reveals Iranian Threat in the Occupied Part of Cyprus
Photo by Benjamin Netanyahu

The Iranian presence in Northern Cyprus, as well as its past and current use of this area for terrorist purposes and as a transit zone for attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets, is a matter of grave concern, the announcement added.

Cypriot media reported the arrest last month of two Iranians suspected of planning attacks against Israelis living in Cyprus. According to reports, these individuals had illegally crossed from the Occupied Territories into free Cyprus and were in communication with a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Cypriot government has declined to comment on the incident to the media, citing that it involves confidential information related to national security.

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