NEW ARMAMENTS: IFF and KORNET-E supplies for the Greek armed forces


Greece’s Deputy Minister of Defense Alkiviadis Stefanis informed, on Tuesday, the members of the Committee on Armament Programs and Contracts of the Greek Parliament on two issues that received a positive opinion.

In particular, it concerns:

  • Activation of a program “Supply of Directed Missiles A-T-KORNET-E”, for the benefit of the Land Forces.
  • Activation of a program “Integration of IFF MODE 5 into RADAR systems of the Aviation Control System”, for the benefit of the Air Force.

The IFF MODE 5 system is a system for identifying friendly and enemy forces, which is used in possible military operations to avoid friendly losses and to distribute forces correctly.

Kornet-E is a Russian anti-tank system of long-range guided missiles with, 152mm calibre. Greece completed the receipt of the first order in 2002 and are operational in the Greek Army.

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